Robotic Pool Cleaners

Pool cleaning is a chore that very few enjoy and who really wants one more thing to worry about? We sure don't. Owning a robotic pool cleaner was once cost prohibitive and complicated but thanks to Aqua Products that is no longer true. For over 30 years Aqua Products has been perfecting robotic pool cleaners and it is no longer just a dream, but a reality to more pool owners every year. In fact over the last 10 years it’s the fastest growing means to clean pools globally with models available under $300.

Aqua Products pool cleaners are now easier to use than ever before with our simple plug and play (clean) system

  • Simply remove your cleaner from the box
  • Connect the cleaner's cable to the power supply box, and the power supply cable to any GFCI outlet
  • Place your cleaner into the pool
  • Press a button and there ya go!


Clean your pool in 3 steps

Aqua Products pool cleaners are ultra-effective for any type of pool

From above ground to in ground the Aqua Products line has a model to support your specific pool. We understand that every pool has its own characteristics and personality. That’s why Aqua Products carries the widest selection of cleaners in the industry to ensure that you can get a cleaner that fits both your budget and pool cleaning needs. With unique features like "Power Washing Jets" and our convenient caddies, we're sure to make a great impression.

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Cut electric costs with an Aqua Products robotic pool cleaner

Aqua Products pool cleaner can also save you $$$. Let's face it. We all hate the sight of our monthly electric bill, especially after trying to keep our house cool with air conditioning all summer long. So why add to it? Our robotic pool cleaners run on low voltage and the cost is as low as 5¢ an hour to run.

Our cleaners also run independently from your pool system. As a matter of fact, the robot is actually doing two jobs at once. As your cleaner navigates around your pool picking up debris it is also circulating the pool water at the same time.

Our robotic pool cleaners improve:

  • Water Temperature ( The cleaner circulates over 70 gallons of water per minute and it mixes the cold lower water with the warm upper water).
  • Water quality (better chemical mixing). The water circulation mixes your pool chemicals that tend to settle and, in turn, you can use less chemicals.
  • Filtration: Most Aqua Products cleaners filter down to 2 microns. This ultra-fine filtration not only picks up debris but it filters and "polishes" your pool water. Many of our customers state that they can actually cut down on their main filtration system when they use their Aqua Products robotic pool cleaner.

With better circulation, you will see improvements in maintaining the water quality and pool temperature. It is an investment that keeps paying for itself year after year.

Aqua Products are The Healthy Pool Cleaning Choice

A more natural pool cleaning solution

We want our water pure and safe for our friends and family to enjoy. By limiting the use of chemicals you can achieve this goal. With the filtration capability (down to 2 microns) of our robotic pool cleaners, combined with the powerful circulation they provide, you can achieve a clearer pool faster.

Aqua Products robots are one of the only robotic pool cleaners on the market manufactured with few moving parts

Engineered with few moving parts

Many of our cleaners are created with few moving parts which means yearly tune-ups and pool cleaner servicing are a breeze. Our robotics cleaners are now lower in cost, easier to use, and designed to last.